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American Documentary Film Festival: Mini-Marathon

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American Documentary Film Festival

Join us on Friday, April 7th for a screening of a selection of films from the Festival (from animation to shorts and features) starting at 10:15 a.m. (doors opening at 10:00 a.m.) and continuing throughout the day. This FREE event will be in The Learning Center (seating is limited). For more information, visit the American Documentary Film Festival website. See the schedule below.

  • 10:00 a.m.: DOORS OPEN
  • 10:15 a.m.: Max Gimblett: Original Mind (AUSTRALIA, 54min.) 
    • An artist extraordinaire shares his unique talents.
  • 11:15 a.m.: Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star (CANADA, 52min.)
    • Famous dancer/actress Leslie Caron is elegantly revealed.
  • 12:10 p.m.: Bean (USA, 65min.)
    • A young woman wants to help her partner find a donor for a kidney transplant, an unlikely source comes through.

  • 1:15 -1:45 p.m.: BREAK

  • 1:45 p.m.: Digital Romance (DENMARK, 11min.)
    • An animated work of beauty and love
  • 2:00 p.m.: To Be a Teacher (GERMANY, 102min.)
    • An inside look at fledgling teachers as they try to get their all-important teacher's certificate.
  • 3:45 p.m.: The Roots of Ulu (USA, 35min.)
    • What is sustainable food and are foods that were subsistence oriented able to come back into a society's culture?
  • 4:25 p.m.: Good Woman (USA, 31min.)
    • An advocate for citizens' rights fights authorities who overstep their legal responsibilities.

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