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American Documentary Film Festival Sneak Peek

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American Documentary Film Festival

Join us on Tuesday, March 28th for the American Documentary Film Festival Sneak Peek. The Library will show three screenings of two films selected by the Festival. The films are a preview of the exciting and interesting films to be shown at this year’s Festival (March 31-April 5).

Join us at one of the three screenings of the film scheduled for 10:30 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. This FREE event will be in The Learning Center. Seating is limited.

Broken Palace  "Broken Palace" [Canada/Ross Munro/6 min.]

With only a precious few single-screen heritage theaters remaining (and those only just barely hanging on with a stay of execution from the wrecking ball’s relentless path), the documentary short “Broken Palace” takes the viewer on a nostalgic and bittersweet journey into this once-grand movie-going experience, by creating a living and breathing sensory journey through music, spoken word, and the haunting images of the formerly glorious cinematic palace.

Two Worlds  "Two Worlds" [Poland/Maciej Adamek/52 min.]

Three people, two ways of perceiving reality, one family. This is a portrait of deaf parents and their 12-year-old daughter Laura, who takes on the role of her parents’ mouths and ears to help them in everyday activities such as buying coal. She is also the medium that introduces the viewer to the daily life of people with disabilities. Not only is she the narrator, but also the transmitter of emotions.

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